EduReach provides services using edX open source platform which helps in Building your
e-Learning as per your Requirement.

Why Open edX

edX is the most sophisticated online Learning Management System. It caters to the need of the modern-day users in the most efficient manner. All the Ivy League institutes use edX as the platform to impart online training to their students. With ease of use and exact feature set, edX serves the purpose the best. Furthermore, edX is open source and highly customizable to cater to the specific needs of each user.


Installation & Setup

Installation & Setup

Our team can get your Open edX platform ready for use in no time. We help our clients with hosting as well as long-term maintenance services. We make it our responsibility for the smooth execution of all the courses offered by our clients.

Edx Theming

Edx Theming

All genres of themes suited to edX, are developed by our tech team. Get multiple theming option or post your requirement. We would develop custom themes suited to your specific need.

Course Management

Course Management

Our team of experts are ready to handle all your Course Administration & Management. You need to provide us your content and the way you want your learners to consume the same. Our team would take it up and do it for you.



Our support team are expert's in sloving & handling issues in no time we provide support depending on individual client and their requirements. complete monitoring ,back ups and security service. the issues are raise as ticket according to priority and resolved based on SLA.


Quality & Reliability

We understand e-learning. For the past decade, we are working with educational institutes and corporates, helping them acquire their learning quotient. We have worked in India and abroad, across multi-disciplinary clientele and have set up the Learning Management System for all of them.

Team Expertise

Our state of art team is experienced & equipped to face challenges that comes in way. Being both domain expert & technology expert, they are capable of dishing out the exact solution the client is looking for.

Excellent Service

Be it a custom solution or implementation and maintenance of default edX, the requirements are dealt with expertise. We provide post production support as well as maintain already existing applications.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in long standing relationships. We keep exploring technologies and solutions and map it with our client’s requirements. We share our research findings with our clients and help them in their growth path.


edX is a nonprofit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and composed of dozens of leading global institutions, the xConsortium. edX offers interactive online courses and MOOCs from the world’s best universities and institutions.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), are freely-accessible and open-source online courses that enables people globally to access these online courses for free.

Open edX is the open source platform that powers these edX courses. This course management system is used all over the globe to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules